Four types of online communities and value you get from being a participant

I see three ways to look at community: as mastermind, as marketing, or OOC


This is usually a paid community. It's built on the audience of the community leader.

Examples: write of passage, altMBA, second brain,


The community supports sales or retention for another product, example a CBC

Example: any big brand forum (say valve), or anything like coursera communities

Outcome oriented community OOC

The goal is to get a certain outcome. You can tell whether the community is helping or not by looking at the outcomes people get after being involved.

Example: a comunity of nonfiction book writers that want to get a book finished

The 'man' here is, he's writing a book on it.

'Just for fun' communities

There's no ulterior motive here. People write about their passion projects, that are often 'useless'. There's no karma whoring, no likes, no follows. That makes people stop 'performing' and write and talk the way they are

Example: gemspace

Books I've read:

Who is the best person to read/watch with actionable advice about launching a community?

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