Firefox CPU management

As many of you, I'm struggling to keep my browsing experience as CPU efficient as possible. The modern web makes this near impossible.

It's silly, but with both chromium and FF I need to keep 'task manager' on a second monitor open at all times. Because there's usually a site or two that are eating the CPU for breakfast. Modern computing is simply draining your attention reserves because you are dual tasking between doing the task you want to do and babysitting task manager.

If you have a powerful laptop, the fans will let you know when a site is misbehaving. That's the sign to go check task manager. So is life. (if anyone has any solutions for this, do let me know! --disabling JS??)

Now the problem I have : I can't trust task manager. I have htop telling me FF is using 100% of cpu (I have 12e cores) but task manager tells me all sites are 'low' on energy impact.

I suspect this has gotten worse with newer versions of FF. I'm on Manjaro linux, so pretty sure I'm running the latest Firefox.

Any solutions?

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